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 keys success factors for technological core facilities 

Technological core facilities play an increasing role in research and innovation projects, more specifacally in life sciences. Indeed, this area has taken a great technological leap forward at the beginning of the 21st century. Access to sophisticated equipment and to thorough skills is a determining factor for researchers both in fundamental research and in applied research. 

These research infrastructures are getting organised, either thanks to public authorities' intervention or to private initiatives, in an economic context which could however limit their development.


The 23 October will be the opportunity to focus on current initiatives, at European level, but also at national and regional level, by presenting the outcomes of the ShareBiotech project. Indications on the situation in North America will also be given.

ShareBiotech is a European project, supported by 10 partners from 7 regions of 4  EU member states (France, Ireland, Spain and Portugal) and by associated players in Scotland. Its objective is to make it easier for researchers in both the public and private sectors to gain access to technological core facilities. It is cofinanced by EU's ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) as part of the Atlantic Area programme.

Technology Core Facilities (TCFs) are research infrastructures combining state-of-the art equipment and associated expertise directed at scientists from the public and private sector. Most of them are from academia, but some companies may play a similar role.



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